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Originally Posted by snorklr45 View Post
Todd, I'm so sorry for the loss of your sister. My prayers go out to you and your family...

Mike, I have a feeling that somehow you are going to make that trip!!

Overcast day here with cable guys digging up my gas and water lines without getting the proper permissions from 811 first and don't know what the he** they are doing. They managed to dig up most of my driveway wayyyy beyond the easement as well. Welcome to po-dunk Texas!! I let them have it when I got home today and saw this mess. They say they cannot guarantee they will not cut my gas line by accident.

Yep, it's Monday.
Please, please make sure this does not happen. Telephone workers did this locally and called gas company. Guy at gas company did not do his job and costed the home owner/renter (not sure which) his life. Came home, went down into the basement, flipped the light switch and the place exploded. Young guy held on for about a month then died and his fiance came out unharmed (I think). Needless to say the gas guy is in jail.
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