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Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
BUt I remember the days when food and service were included in the cruise fare. I say cruise passengers are nickel & dimed enough.

And I just absolutely dislike the ida that I am expected to bring cash aboard for the purpose of tipping. I celebrated the initiation of charging tips to your shipboard account because I deplored the idea that I had to have cash ready to hand to my servers on the last day.

Tipping is an uncomfortable situation for me - if I undertip I feel stingy, if I overtip I feel like a sucker. I personally just feel much better letting the cruise handle it.

And if you think about it - putting the tips onto your shipboard acct. is functionally the same as adding them to the cruise fare. Except that you pay later, but you have an agreed upon amount and you don't have the awkward face to face tipping encounter.

My initial reaction when I read your OP was surprise. I thought it was only the Brits who had issues with tipping

This subject was debated on another UK board and it is fair to say those who tipped received very good service and those who didn't tip - were kept waiting.

I know someone will say it shouldn't make a dfference whether you tip or not but it does.

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