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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Thank you Paul! I for one say put it in the cruise fare. Then there is nothing to collect or debate at the end of the cruise. Make me feel like I don't have give extra (which for me is the pay later part). Charge it to me upfront. I know I have the option to pre-pay gratuities ahead of time, but I'm still consciously forking out the extra cash. Same thing for "pop/soda". Really, what does it cost to give me free pop? Disney does it .... the other lines can too!
Giving you a free soda (or many free sodas for most North Americans) would cost my ship very little. But losing the revenue from the many thousands of sodas we currently sell every week would cost my ship about $30,000 per week, or $120,000 per month, or $1.44 million per year in lost revenues. If you add in the other 16 ships in the fleet, my employer would stand to lose $25,480,000 per year by giving away sodas on our ships.

We could just increase your cruise fare to pay for those losses, but we already tried that, and it didn't go over so well.
Why should people who do not drink sodas have to pay more for their cruise so that you can have free sodas on your cruise?

Why doesn't McDonalds give away sodas in their restaurants? Each one costs them only a few pennies to produce.
1. Because Mc Donalds is not a charity.
2. Because people addicted to artificially colored, artificially sweetened, artificially flavored, artificially carbonated tap water are perfectly willing and accustomed to paying for it.

Cruise lines have the same logic.

By the way, have you ever noticed that you almost never see a thin person drinking Diet Coke?

Could it be that:
1. Diet Coke actually allows fat people to lose weight, and they stop drinking it when they get thin?


2. Diet Coke only gives fat people an excuse to eat even more fattening food, and they never get thinner?
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