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Thank you so much for your concern. I was so upset yesterday that I had to take an extra blood pressure pill as they had the backhoe digging at the gas line in front of my house. The gas utility guy did come out (I called them) but construction crew lied and said they would not be digging the gas line after all - that they would dig elsewhere. Just after the gas man left, they cranked up the backhoe and dug anyway. They are all done with digging and told me that if they damaged the line, they would make proper calls. Everything is all covered up now so I assume it is all fine. I only have one gas appliance in my house (gas water heater) and gas man checked it for leaks when he was here (just in case) and that was fine and green lighted. Gas guy said if they dug anyway, I could pour water over the site where they dug, if bubbles appear, there is a leak..Guess I could do that just to quell any remaining fears I might have.

Thanks again for your concern; you're a nice person.
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