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Originally Posted by Arion View Post
In which all they'd have to do, is keep track of such information, cross-reference it with approved course information, and have the captain account for any deviations.

Sixteen people are dead. They might not be dead if safety on the Costa Concordia wasn't such a fiasco.

So why not do that?

[ italics to addres the part I'm questioning ]

No. Mistakes will be made, but when mistakes cost lives, I think it's prudent to take reasonable steps to prevent such mistakes from happening again. Running the ship aground was only one mistake made on the Concordia.

Lack of proper safety drills ( or ANY safety drill for anyone who boarded in Civitaveccia ) was one of their earlier mistakes.
Human error and lack of resonability will happen in every aspect of life.I agree the more saftey masures that are in place the better for everyone.Would proper saftey drills have made a diffrence? We could argue about that until the cows come home. Were their errors made, of course. Could the system have been better of course,should of their been lost of lives of course not. Is curising anyless safe then 2 months ago no. Will their be another terrible event involing a cruise ship Yes given enough time. Its the nature of the beast. You cant have thousands of ships on the ocean without something happening, People should realize that this form of transportation is not and never will be 100% safe I find it odd that some people say that they will not cruise again or that they think about their saftey while on a ship now, Heck you should of been thinking about your saftey the first time you set foot on a ship.
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