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Default cath lab was a bust

After doing several rounds of tests and consulting three doctors, the best course of action for dad's problem seemed to be to open up the blockage in dad's leg and amputate his toe. The infection was in his bone but had not (has not) gone beyone his toe. That seemed reasonable.

Dad went to the cath lab on Tuesday. The surgeon ran into two totally clogged arteries that he said will never be opened. The third one was bad but might be opened but dad had a small bleed. The surgeon got control of the bleed and shut things down. Dad and I spent a very long night in the hospital Tuesday night and came home around lunchtime yesterday.

Basically, we seem to be back to square one, at least listening to the surgeon. I really dislike the man. He told me on Tuesday that we needed to talk, but when I told him yesterday it was talk time he told me talk time was over that we needed to do something. I get the feeling (but it's difficult to tell with him) that he wants to go ahead and amputate the toe. That's not going to happen with the current state of matters. He turned around and said he might be talked into going back in and trying to open the artery again but he was gloomy about that. Well, this narcissistic a$$ was gloomy about dad being able to be still for the cath lab. He was the one that told my dad the first time he met him he might have to cut his leg off. (I'm not going to let that happen.)

Dad is fine. The surgeon may have personality issues but is a good doctor. I'm going to wait and talk to the wound clinic doctor when we see him a week from today. I am inclined to let the surgeon try one more time to open the artery, and if it can't be to then let matters be. I don't think anything will heal if dad has no circulation. The surgeon tried to tell me that my thinking was messed up, that no one could heal an infected bone, that it would need amputation...which is true, but normal people do not get an infected bone from wearing househoes that rub a small sore that they can't heal, either. Dad could not heal an amputation. It really would be his leg, and I don't want to butcher him. I need to talk to the wound clinic doctor though.
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