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Hi Gang

glad to see everyone is keeping busy and having some decent weather. This morning it was so foggy, when I went to get in the car - which was sitting on the driveway- I had to say to myself - "where's the car" that foggy I couldn't see it - but luckily I managed to get to work ok and thankfully there weren't a lot of crazies out yet -

it's now sunny and very pretty even though this is suppose to be winter. I'm sure hoping that we don't get some surprise snow storms in Feb/March and even April -

well, I'll be off the rest of the afternoon as I have a Dr. appt to find out why I don't sleep - in the last month I've not slept well at all - I may get 1-2 hrs of sleep a night and that's it -

well, back to work until it's time to leave. Have a great afternoon and evening everyone!
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