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Bruce, I am glad to see a cruise line worker understands what I am saying. I always appreciate your candor.

The price of soda thing you just wrote is "priceless" and obviously the truth. I NEVER order a drink at a restaurant. but my wife does and I have been subtley tryiing to break her of that habit for years.

There are so many little things a person can get "addicted to" and end up spending far more than they realize. You pointing out what your cruise line would lose points out how much people spend on things like soda.

I know people who buy three or four cokes a day (at $2.50 apiece or whatever). Its bad for you and expensive.

Look at cigarettes - in the U.S. our surgeon general curbed the American addiction to them (watched Mad Men lately?) - but now I wonder if in Europe how much the cruise lines make selling cigarettes?

If people didn't object more, they would probably let the whole ship smoke in hopes people would smoke and buy more cigarettes onboard.
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