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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
I guess my head, or theirs, is not in the real world, because my 1st thought is, boy how low can they go? Will whatever amount they get, be paid directly to the passenger in total? I think a more serious beginning would have been $25,000.

What will they pay to the families who lost a love ones, has that been mentioned yet? Wonder how long the wait will be to recieve this compensation.
It's very difficult to know, or judge, how much is fair compensation. It was reported earlier this week, that one lawyer representing some of the passengers asked for $16000 per passenger.

The thing is the lawyers will be taking these cases on contingency, and will likely be getting between 20-40% of the setttlements they reach for their clients.

In accordance with the cruise contract the cases are going to have to be filed in Italy.

No doubt some of the passengers lost more than the $14000 offered in their belongings onboard, including jewelry and cash in their safes. I'd guess some of that would be covered by their home owner's insurance policies, but that too has variables.

In this case, a "class action" suit is the wrong approach for the passengers. I'd be negotiating separatel; perhaps with the assistance of an attorney (if it wasn't going well on my own, with my travel agent).

Of course the compensation to those who lost their lives will be much different.
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