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I interviewed some of the lawyers involved - and I do not see any way they get a class action lawsuit started in the U.S. on this topic. The contract specifies Genoa.

The NY lawyers threatening to sue face this to change venue: The three criteria for a change of venue:

1. where are the victims
2. where did the incident occur
3. where is the evidence located

Except the few Americans onboard - the answer is "Italy" in most of those cases. Plus "class action" infers they all had the same exposure to damage. That isn't true in this case (unless you limit it to people who were basically not hurt).

Plus - the lawyers say they believe they can pierce the cruise contract - but a Supremem Court ruling "Shute VS. Carnival" says cruise contracts are legal, legible, understandable and not unreasonable. The contract is rarely pierced.

also (BTW) - that 30% off rumor was strictly for people scheduled to sail on future Concordia cruises - not the victims.
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