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Default Eating after 1800 is not good for the waistline

Originally Posted by Paul Motter View Post
I know this much - one cruise we had early dinner seating, and I found my self getting hungry every night about midnight - so I ordered room service. Usually a club sandwich, with chips, and of course ice cream.

I gained more on that cruise than most.

That brings up a completely off-topic question. I gain weight when I snack at night (I generally don't even eat all day). I wonder - if I waited longer for dinner would I have less time to snack at night - and hence lose weight.

In Spain restuarants don't even open until 8:00 pm (here in Phoenix we have restaurants that close at 8:00 )

I was in Spain once for ship christening and we were not served dinner until literally 1:30 a.m.

I don't know about the Spanish - they have siestas but it is said generally the later you eat, the more likely you will put on weight.

At home I don't generally eat after 1800 hrs. My two largest meals of the day are Breakfast and Lunch.

Dinner in MDR is wasted on me - I often just have a bowl of soup and I don't order room service in the evening unless I have come back very late from an excursion.

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