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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
Well, my forgetful neighbours, there were 12 Canadians on board and at least 2 of them swam to save their lives. I don't know how they feel, I cannot even begin to feel for them but this amount is an insult in my book.

Also, I do know from personal experience (not a ship accident) that this is only the opening bid, so to speak, and you never take the opening bid.

It wasn't even the accident itself that makes me sick, but the way they were treated after was insulting.
!st of all, I apologise for ommitting the Canadians,Irish and any other nationality.

I hope my post did not suggest that anyone who sustained a major trauma - and I do count swimming for your life in that group - accept that offer.

However if I managed to secure a seat in a lifeboat and that was the extent of my trauma -I would accept the offer.

Slightly off topic,I don't know if you all remember the English woman who was dropped into the sea whilst being medivaced off Norway? She subsequently died and the last media report I read stated that her husband was not considering suing as it could not bring her back.

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