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Originally Posted by anniegb View Post
!st of all, I apologise for ommitting the Canadians,Irish and any other nationality.

I hope my post did not suggest that anyone who sustained a major trauma - and I do count swimming for your life in that group - accept that offer.

However if I managed to secure a seat in a lifeboat and that was the extent of my trauma -I would accept the offer.

Slightly off topic,I don't know if you all remember the English woman who was dropped into the sea whilst being medivaced off Norway? She subsequently died and the last media report I read stated that her husband was not considering suing as it could not bring her back.

I was in Wales when that happened. I simply couldn't believe it. Shocking.

However, I was also not saying that everyone will or perhaps should get the same amount, but I do know that this offer is not the first one they will receive. Everyone reacts differently under duress and every single soul was under duress. Some won't really know their personal results for some time to come. Personally, although I would not be looking to making my fortune from this horrid event, I would not consider signing off just yet. All the facts are not in yet and the shock has not worn off anyone.

Way too soon to accept and I wouldn't do it. In the same breath, I cannot speak for anyone who was there. I can say I would do this and that, but in fact, I really don't know what I would do never having been there. (And I hope I never find out.)
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