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Default How far would you drive?

It has been some time since my last cruise, but the addiction is hitting hard. I've been planning (way) ahead for when my daughter (she will be 8 months old on Monday the 29th) would be old enough to appreciate the cruise expierence. During my planning, I was thinking about how far I would want to drive versus flying to the port of embarcation. Before, I always flew to the port city, but I lived in Denver at the time, so driving wasn't pratical unless I went to Galveston. Now, I live in Cleveland, and New York City, Baltimore, Norfolk, and even Charleston, SC are a day's drive away, and Tampa and Port Canaveral are a day and a half, enough time to arrive at the port, board, and eat lunch before the lifeboat drill. My question is how far would you want to drive for a cruise? Thanks for your help.
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