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Originally Posted by Dhill View Post
I dont really know what fair compensation would be for the people involed in this mess. Im pretty sure tho there will be people who try and make it a big pay day.I dont really understand how money is going to make anything better tho?Ok maybe replace the stuff you lost on the ship.But money isnt going to change anything that happened or bring a loved one back I feel that people get greedy espeacialy if they are talking to a lawyer!The people who are going to make out the best in all of this is the blood sucking lawyers!
Dhill - I agree 100%

Felix - I hear you.

The nearest incident that I have experienced 1st hand happened to me in 1997. I was in the vicinity of Luxor when the terrorists shot the tourists on the West Bank. (Largely Swiss with some UK nationals)

Like many on the Concordia, I was coming to the end of my holiday ;- all UK nationals in Egypt were repatriated.

Compensation - never even crossed our minds. I went back to work the day after and life went on.

All I am saying based on my limited life experience, I would just want to put it behind me and get on with my life. I would not want to spend time with lawyers - who would probably get as much out of any settlement as I would w/o experiencing the stress.

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