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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
So, the offer is $14,460 per person for those not injured on the Concordia and that doesn't include any crew. That isn't going to fly. Too many lawyers and consumer groups are now involved.

Over 3,000 passengers have apparently already signed on to the various class action lawsuits and the Italian consumer groups/lawyers have signed on with at least two class actions that have been filed in the States.

I guess the opening salvo has now been played.
I think any lawyers thinking they are going to get the case heard in the US is going be disappointed.

The cruise contract dictates that the cruise line decides where any action has to be filed. In this case, Costa is based in Italy.

That portion of the contract, giving the cruise lines the right to choose the location of any action has been upheld by the courts in previous suits.

I think any talk of a 450 Million dollar settlement to the passengers who survived are truely dreaming.

Though whatever the final settlement, combined with the loss of an almost $500 million ship, will make this the most expensive maritime disaster in history.
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