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Saddly, there is no record of who sustained what injury. There is no record of who made it on a lifeboat (first or last) and who swam for their life.

I think you can either prove you were on the ship and if so, prove that you live to tell your version of the truth.

For those that got off the ship, the cruiseline did little to mitigate the outcome. At the very least the survivors should have been attended to by cruiseline personnel, so that Costa would have "proof" of physical injuries which were sustained. Without that, its the passenger's word.

I'm not suggesting that survivors are gonig to fabricate their damages, but for those that want to ....

Who knows what terror took place for those trying to get off the ship. We only know the limitted video accounts that we've seen.

For those that lost a loved - the compensation is not enough - not that you can place a financial value on a human life.

I can't say for certain because I haven't walked a mile in their shoes ... but if I was not traumatized by the events (PTSD), did not lose loved ones etc....then I think I might take what seems like a reasonable offfer. But the offer should consider the following:
-refund of all cruise, air and other travel expenses [pre-and post cruise]
-refund of all medical expenses
-refund for all items lost at sea (jewellery, electronics, clothes etc.). I probably carry on about $3,000 of electronics [camera, dvd, phones, laptops, kid's gaming]. Come to think of it the offer of $14K, would not even cover my jewellery, if it had been in the safe].

So, in the end, the offer of $14,000 may not be enough. I agree with Trip, $25,000 may have been a better starting point. Yes, personal items should be covered under insurance policies as should travel and medical - but that is not the point. Costa should still be held accountable.

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