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Originally Posted by Bruce Chafkin1 View Post
This answer makes no sense.
The cruise lines do not require, recommend, suggest, or even hint that anyone tip the room service waiters. Why would we include a gratuity in the price of a cruise when we never even recommended the gratuity to begin with?
Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
Excuse me?
Bruce, you never identify the line you work for and that is fine. My experience is limited but of the three lines we have cruised, Carnival, Princess and Celebrity, the cruise lines place tips automatically on passengers account and the passenger must go to the pursers desk to adjust the "gratuities". Our most recent cruise we did not have traditional "fixed" dining and were required to pre-pay gratuities.

Bruce, interesting numbers to say the least. But you cannot compare a cruise line to MacDonald's nor can you compare it to a restaurant. And to use your analogy that someone should not have to pay extra for their cruise fares, because they don't drink soda's ... you can use that anology for just about everything. Why should someone's fare subsidize the kid's programs if they don't have kids? Why should my fare, subsidize the buffet, if I never eat there. Why should someone subsidize the shows, if they do not partake in the entertainment. One fare covers all, makes sense to me.

Again, I don't know line you work for .... but Royal or Carnival, charging me %50 bucks for a coke card ... makes me feel nickel and dimed. Add 50 bucks to my fare and I'm a happy camper.

And yes, the cruiselines do advocate tipping, although not necessarily for room service. Most lines scream, at every opportunity (usually the CD: tip, tip, tip.... as do a minority of the ship's personnel (ex. a waiter at dinner) If tips were not requried, I would not see gratuity envolopes in my cabin.

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