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That was completely wierd. My whole post disappeared.

So, I'll repeat - even if only to myself.

There will be no bankrupcty. Carnival Corp is only on the hook for about $30 Mil. or so. There will be old time cruisers who won't stop cruising. But.....there will be a lot of peope who would have cruised who now won't.

As for suing in the U.S., don't count that out. This is so different than anything that has come before, I just wouldn't count it out.

I believe that the offer on the table now is an insult. Had they started at $25 grand - maybe, but their number crunchers have come up with a number that is a complete insult.

As long as it's kept at the fore-front of the press, the survivors will have a chance of getting it heard in the U.S. Just don't count them out just yet.
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