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Originally Posted by Queen of Oakville View Post
Bruce, interesting numbers to say the least. But you cannot compare a cruise line to MacDonald's nor can you compare it to a restaurant. And to use your analogy that someone should not have to pay extra for their cruise fares, because they don't drink soda's ... you can use that anology for just about everything. Why should someone's fare subsidize the kid's programs if they don't have kids? Why should my fare, subsidize the buffet, if I never eat there. Why should someone subsidize the shows, if they do not partake in the entertainment. One fare covers all, makes sense to me.

Again, I don't know line you work for .... but Royal or Carnival, charging me %50 bucks for a coke card ... makes me feel nickel and dimed. Add 50 bucks to my fare and I'm a happy camper.

And yes, the cruiselines do advocate tipping, although not necessarily for room service. Most lines scream, at every opportunity (usually the CD: tip, tip, tip.... as do a minority of the ship's personnel (ex. a waiter at dinner) If tips were not requried, I would not see gratuity envolopes in my cabin.

Please do not misunderstand.
These are not my comparisons or analogies.

I have been reading 3,000+ passenger comment cards every week for the past few decades.
I am repeating the most frequent comments I read every week, written by your fellow passengers. The overwhelming majority tell us every week of the year that they want to pay ONLY for what they personally consume. They are very candid - and very clear - that they want others to pay for whatever they want to consume.
Although "one fare covers all" makes sense to you (and me too), it doesn't make sense to most of your fellow cruisers. I would love to charge EVERYONE for champagne, caviar, drinks, sodas, canapes, specialty dishes, skeet shooting, deck chairs, flowers, and all the other things that made us so much money (and kept cruise fares so high) for all those years. But most of your fellow cruisers don't want all that stuff anymore (at least they don't want to pay for it). Since they are the ones who keep us in business, we do it their way.
We offer the cheapest possible bare bones cruise fare that most everyone wants - and then let you choose what extras you are willing to pay for.

Yes, cruise lines do frequently try to convince you to tip the staff. And that is what this thread is all about.
Paul doesn't agree with the strange idea that room service servers should be tipped.
I also do not agree with that idea. Neither do the cruise lines.

But one of the posters on this thread suggested that the cruise lines add an extra tip - that is not required, suggested, nor expected, and most of us do not agree with - into the price of your cruise. Isn't that nickel and diming???

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