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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
It doesn't hurt to ask But, I think the days of getting multi million dollar settlements for spilling hot coffee on yourself are over.

There's lawyers falling over themselves to grab these cases, but watch... if they have no experience in Maritime law those getting caught up with these lawyers aren't going to be happy.

I don't agree that the days of filing are over and I also don't agree that stupid high awards for spilling hot coffee on yourself are over. However I also don't think you can begin to compare spilling hot coffee on yourself and fleeing from a sinking oceanliner can be said in the same breath.

I agree those that get caught up with the wrong types of lawyers are going to be in a pickle but those that sit back and wait for the dust to settle before doing anything are going to do much better. In saying that, if memory serves me (and sometimes it doesn't) I believe the time for filing is extremely limited according to the "contract" that no one signs and everyone is forced into.
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