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I don't agree that the days of filing are over and I also don't agree that stupid high awards for spilling hot coffee on yourself are over. However I also don't think you can begin to compare spilling hot coffee on yourself and fleeing from a sinking oceanliner can be said in the same breath.
I wasn't even thinking they were comparable. I think the survivors, and those killed in the Concordia incident, deserve fair compensation.

What I do believe is NO ONE who survived the incident is going to get a million bucks because they hired a lawyer (particularly the ones who are trying to form a "class action".

Costa is goingt to want to get things settled. I wonder if anyone onboard has called Costa to discuss negotiating a settlement themselves.

I think it's early to do that, until more details on facts are found, but that may be the way for these people affected to approach this, instead of running with the heard.
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