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Default My experience on the Concordia

Here's a recount of my personal experience on the Costa Concordia on the night it went down. This is from a PM I sent to someone on this forum a week or two ago, so the language is more 1:1 style, but it should have most of the 'meat' in it.

I decided to wait a while before posting it ( explanation in first paragraph - which I guess is now out of date ), but I think enough time has now passed.

Originally Posted by Me_via_Previously_Sent_PM
My experience was actually quite tame compared to most. I've shared it with people at work, and on local media here at home, but I think it might be a little insensitive to post publicly them on a forum, likely to be visited by families and friends of people who died on that ship.

I think I was actually in denial for quite a while. It was actually my first time on a cruise ( even though I've had ambitions about working on one for the best part of 8 years, my career grew faster than expected in a different direction ), so I didn't realise at first when the ship listed, that this was so problematic. I saw the boarding of lifeboats as a routine precaution. After all how likely was it for there to be a serious issue on the one ship that I happened to be on.

Even on the island, I thought for many hours that they'd get whatever supposed electrical fault they were having fixed, and that we'd be back on our way. I was back in the Hotel in Rome, when ( given the length of time it took the ship to list considerably ) I was shocked to find out that people actually died.

Essentially I think a mixture of ignorance, and denial helped me keep calm. I kept a cool analytical head when I got to the muster station, and looked around for the shortest queue, joined it and got on to the first wave of lifeboats.

At this point I think Costa first of all has a lot of questions to answer, most of them beginning with the word "Why". After all these whys are answered, Costa need to see how to ensure that in future where applicable, these questions have different answers, firstly so that this never happens again, and secondly, if something like this does happen again, that no lives are lost.

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