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Originally Posted by Arion View Post
Here's a recount of my personal experience on the Costa Concordia on the night it went down. This is from a PM I sent to someone on this forum a week or two ago, so the language is more 1:1 style, but it should have most of the 'meat' in it.

I decided to wait a while before posting it ( explanation in first paragraph - which I guess is now out of date ), but I think enough time has now passed.
Interesting. I think too that your 'ignorance' kept you calm. I used to volunteer in disaster services for many years, even up to Mass Care Coordinator for the local RC. The execution following a disaster plan before, during and after a disaster we called 'organized confusion'.

It seems confusing and messy but if you follow your plan you do have, though not visible, somewhat of an organized execution.

The disaster plan on the Concordia was just not executed very well. Your 'ignorance and denial' put the organization into the confusion. You should think of volunteering for disasters in your area. You have uncanny ability to seek the best course of action. Anybody with just ignorance and denial would just stand there and watch. Subconsciously you went a step ahead. I think you are more of a cool head and solution seeker in adverse situations.
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