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Default We think alike

Originally Posted by green_rd View Post
We don't gamble but appreciate those who do and keep our cruise prices low
We generally skip the photo gallery.
Usually bring a couple bottles of vino for enjoyment as we watch the waves pass by.
I usually put my coke fix on hold or get it met on land, and the DW satisfies herself with the coffee on the lido instead of the fru fru stuff in the Cafe
Ditto on casino and photo gallery. Same goes for the vino too.

My coke fix is declining - and I mix hot chocolate and coffee together to make a mocha - just about drinkable; otherwise it is one of the few occasions I drink tea.

I have never had an issue with water quality - so no bottled water for me.

I avoid all the 'sale' events in the shops - largely cr$p - if you get my drift.

Take small medic box - so I am not splurging out for painkillers etc - touch wood - never had to use it.

Find an internet cafe ashore - so I don't use the expensive facilities on board.

For group photographs, use a friend or chum.

Bring some travelwash - saves on laundry bills.

I have never made up a packed lunch but the Germans are brilliant at it - huge operation.

Still thinking

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