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Default Playing Rich

Well, for us, the best part of cruising is "playing rich"!

Before the cruise, we work hard to get the best fares, find the cheapest parking, overnight at a hotel with good rates and save all the money we can.

BUT on embarkation morning, we like to have the limo with uniformed driver waiting to take us to the ship. From that moment on we "play rich"! I will not pinch pennies by schleping my own booze aboard or filling water bottles in the buffet.

Want a bottle of wine at dinner? Have a nice discussion with the steward, choose the one you want and wave your hand for it. That is the way to "play rich."

Pose for a formal portrait, check it out, and if you like it, don't ask the price. That is the way to "play rich."

Like the Thermal Suite in the spa? Buy the couple's pass for the entire cruise, and spend at least an hour twice a day lying on the heated couches. That is really "playing rich"!

Book the shore excursions you want for your convenience. Helicopter ride to the glacier? Book the ship's excursion, let them take care of you all the way, and have a picture taken at the top. That is the way to "play rich."

Want to beat the crowds to the ancient temple? Book a private driver who knows the back roads and will get you there half an hour before the ship's buses arrive. That is the way to "play rich."

Now we are naturally light drinkers and very light gamblers, and certainly don't go to the art auctions. So that helps keep the bill reasonable even when we "play rich"!

When we get off the ship our limo whisks us to the airport or our car. Our last chance at "playing rich".

Then we fly home economy class and look for the gas station with the lowest prices, and eat beans for the next six months. No more "playing rich"!

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