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My husband and I are young and we have 2 kids (5 and 3). We have to save where we can but love to cruise!! The thing I love most is that most of your expenses are up front. We can book a cruise with a small deposit, pay in "payments" up to the 90 day mark, then save what we can to spend.

We do not always have a lot of margin in our finances and to be honest, on our last cruise we had only enough "spending" money for the tips and a few photos and drinks. But you know what??.... We still had a blast!!

We try to save by not drinking much if at all, only getting a couple photos if we really like them, not gambling, and eating mostly on the ship.

Almost everything you need is included, so why pay for special drinks and specialty items? We do not go for the things, but rather the experience. Some ports we just get off the boat and walk around, sightsee, window shop, and take lots of photos.

I would rather cruise on a budget once a year or every other year than live like the rich for a cruise once in a great while. Those are our only options for the time being... but I am okay with that.

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