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I'm not sure what to do yet.

On the one hand, I wasn't injured, and I don't believe I've suffered psychologically from it, so on the basis of what I personally suffered, if this were a bona-fide accident, then 11k + airfare + refund + content_of_safe would seem to be a reasonable offer.

But it isn't that clear cut. Considering the negligence, and recklessness that led to this event, and fiasco of an evacuation, should they be paying out considerably more on this?

On the opposite end of the scale, though I think some people are in dreamland, considering that I've heard about some of them claiming for $460 million between six of them, which if my calculations are correct is $77m per person. I can't figure how they're justifying this kind of claim unless they're paralysed from the neck down.
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