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Originally Posted by Trackypup View Post
I thought it was a very fair offer if you weren't injured in the incident. And good luck to the one's that are going to sue hoping for big bucks. Carnival may raise the offer but I don't think by much.
I don't think Carnival will get involved if they can help it. I think they'll leave it to Costa, as much as they can to sort it out themselves. I do agree though - I think those sueing for $76.6 million a head are pretty far separated from reality. I don't think they're going to get very far with their Case in Florida instead of Italy either.

Originally Posted by sidari View Post
It does appear to be a Fair offer and for some it could be a very good one! there were around 650 people who spent around 3 hours actual sailing on Concordia from Civitavecchia and unless any were injured or lost a loved one how can you say that they should be paid more ?
I'm not sure why you're making the distinction between the people who got on in Civitaveccia ( where I got on ), and those who got on earlier. everyone else at least got a bit of a cruise in before this happened.

To answer your question however, I'm not sure if the 11k they're offering, addresses the recklessness, and neglect that led to this incident. This wasn't some unavoidable, or unpredictable event. The Captain, and Costa as people responsible for putting that Captain there, put lives at risk, including mine ( I was sleeping 10 minutes before this happened ), to show off to an old friend.
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