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Default Nikki

Hey this girl u met named nikki was she from NJ?

Originally Posted by methodtoll556 View Post
Ahhh Yes! Love is very powerful on cruise ships! I never thought it would happen to me but my last experience (which was in November on the Celebrity's Millinnem) I met all these teens on there and yes.... I met girls as well. It was funny, though, because all week long I kept flirting with this girl named Michele, she was beautiful, and she was 15 yrs old too (I'm 16) and from Florida as well, I thought for a second that she really did like me but all she was doing was flirting because she had a boyfriend but that did not mean I walked away with nothing.... I found out that all week long, this girl named Nikki really liked me (she was gorgous!) and we hooked up.... RIGHT AFTER THE CRUISE! lol it was sad because we broke up two months later. Oh well, it just goes to show that you should NOT hook up on cruises unless you are going to see each other. Mike.
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