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Default Love on cruises!

Love can so happen on cruises! like me i only went on a 4 day cruise to cozumel and key west and on our first day at see i met a bunch of people and they were awesome to hang out with and a little later that day i met this guy and for his sake i will just call him J in this post and he is really cute and we hung out evryday as long as possible really and we talked soooo much and we even flirted and well i'm a klutz and i dropped my ice-cream soooooo many times and he dropped it personally right after i did!!!! and the last day i told my friend nikki i liked him and J told his friend DJ he liked me and dj and nikki talked and they told us wut wuz up and they tried to hook us up but J didn't want to because he live soo far away from me ( i live in Canada and he lives in south africa) it was sooo sad.

now to the main point if u find love keep it strong, hook up, stay connected and keep it going! do watever it takes! best of luck! keep good love strong!

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