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Originally Posted by Kuki View Post
I'm don't understand this. All through this thread you've been saying the offer made was not enough.

Isn't that telling them "how much you should want/need/expect" ? Just because you want them to get more doesn't make offering your opinion any less intrusive than those who might think the offer is fair.

Everyone who has posted an opinion is doing just as you have... expressing an opinion. No one is telling anyone affected what they "should do". Those who were affected directly will make their own decisions in the end.

I'm guessing it will be some time before any of them make any decisions on negotiated settlements.

Regardless of compensation, they thankfully have their lives to live. Those families who lost loved ones will sadly feel that loss forever.

Right you are, and I stand by what I've said. I don't believe it is enough at least for me. Part of that is based on knowing that they will make a second offer - and it will be somewhat higher.

I've taken my frustrations out over here based on what I've read elsewhere where there are people saying they should take this amount as anything more may affect the price of cruising and "they" will have to pay more to cruise.

Sadari - you're braver than me. As a firefighter you have an infinity for calmness under fire as you are trained that way. Anyone who does what you do for a living is to be thanked.

Whatever the outcome, I do hope everyone who was on is allowed to think for themselves and decide what is best for them. (and not the lawyers.)
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