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Default Saturday's dawn reveals diabolical plan

I finally have it all figured out. here it is 0340 hrs., the sun hasn't even peaked over the horizon but I've got it all figured out.

Every time someone goes into a hospital, shortly thereafter they receive a review from some guy named Press Gainey, right? I mean 'ol Press must read over a hundred thousand reviews a day. Good Heavens, would Evelyn Wood be proud of him or what?!

Anyway, they want you to love the hospital and they want to make you well but they also want you out quickly so they can get newer, sicker people who have more expensive ailments in to treat. But again, they don't want bad reviews going to Press.

Well, after long study, old Shylock Trailer here has figured it out. Yep, the answer is simple. Sleep deprivation! The reason no one has noticed before now is that it's so deviously diabolical, it's invisible.

How does it work? Well depending upon the illness there are multiple choices. In my case, they come into my room, pump some meds into my IV that are gonna' make me better right? And they will, but they want you to get out quickly but how do they accomplish that without upsetting you? Why among all that medicine is about a pint of liquid diuretic (Lasix). They come in so often you don't know when you're getting what and it doesn't matter anyway 'cause you're living in the bathroom!

I'm living proof. Here I am, bleary eyed, have just come out of the john for the 76th time tonight and I'm sitting posting on Cruisemates! I don't want to post on Cruisemates at 0400 hrs., I wanna' go home to bed but since they haven't got enough insurance from me yet they're gonna' keep me 'cause they know I don't have a way to get home and I'd never make it before I wet my pants!

One finally beomes so exhausted, they give you a pat on your head, tell you you're all better and you can go home. Of course they tell you that at three in the afternoon knowing you won't be able to get out before they get to charge another full day for your stay.

Diabolical you say? Yes, of course. But you've got to really give credit where credit is's so elementary Wellquest, so very elementary.
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