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Default Transatlantic 2012


I'm looking for someone as a cabin mate on the Pacific Princess from Rome on 12/02/12 thru 12/20/12 - arrives in Ft Lauderdale. I have an outside cabin booked for $2000 plus airfare and any excursions you may want to go on.

I am also a non-smoker, very easy going, can sleep thru anything like snoring, TV, etc.
I will also try to PM you. I'm kind of new at this.


Originally Posted by TravelChick View Post
Hello All,
I am SWF Non Smoker looking for someone to pay their half so I can avoid single supplement. I don't have any specific transatlantic planned at this point but have a few in mind. I am easy going try to get up early no party type. I prefer someone who is on somewhat of a schedule but I don't want to be in bed at 8pm. I almost always get off first thing on ports and will be an early riser for port days. I usually do not take ship excursions and instead research and do things on my own. I am hard core when it comes to walking and exploring ports. You don't have to do everything with me but would be nice to have someone to eat dinner with tea times and ports if you can hang. I have been on princess and I prefer a ship with washer and dryer for mid trip laundry. Very practical and Very trustworthy. I expect the same. Please No crazy Thief types. I am not dumb and have been stolen from in the past. I do not take kindly to people who steal and don't want to feel like I have to watch my crap 24 7 I would rather pay for the entire room. If you think you fit this description please pm me. I travel a lot and don't really need someone to travel with but I am thrifty and like to save when and where possible. Hey why not get 2 trips instead of 1 it's only logical in my mind.
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