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Default A Mild and Sunny Tuesday

It's going to be a mild and pretty day here in upper East Tennessee and I finally get sprung around 11:00 am (that was always non-negotiable as my sister's memorial service is this afternoon). The difference in my situation is that I'm almost 28 pounds lighter than when I initially entered the hospital last Thursday afternoon and as a result have a much easier time breathing. While it's all temporary, I'm gonna' try to keep things under control as long as possible.

Hope things go better for you today, Mike. Please keep us informed.

So relieved that while Ray came awfully close to a major problem yesterday afternoon, following over 7 hours in the ER, he finally was able to learn there was no major damage or injury. Thankfully his Chiropractor as well as his daughter Celeste have medical backgrounds!

Of course Prayers and Blessings for all of my adored Cruisemates and hope you all have a bright Tuesday, regardless of the weather!
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