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Good Morning CruiseMates,

Well it seems I have been somewhat unaware of all the happenings around here. Todd I am so sorry to hear of your Sister's passing and glad that you will be able to make it to her memorial service. Please give Deanna a big hug from me. I am so glad to hear that Ray is on the mend as well. You guys better shape up, you have a cruise coming up!

I am just about done with memorizing my lines.... thank heavens! I went through them twice last night and only fumbled 2 or 3 of them. I went out combing through resale shops yesterday and scored a couple of wigs for $10. I got out my hot rollers and styled them into upswept Gibson Girl styles. I think they look pretty good. Hopefully the director will agree. I also found a nice pair of Character shoes that are not exactly "period" but they will do. Today I need to head out to the sewing shop to find some items to make a few changes to a couple of my costumes. I am preparing myself for my debut of public snogging as we will be rehearsing the full show tonight in front of cast and whoever happens to drop by ack!

I started my diet again Feb. 1. I lost 50+ pounds between June and October last year. I took a few months off to see if I could maintain, which I did, only gaining about 4 pounds after our cruise a few weeks ago. So I am down 9 pounds from there at this point. I am glad that I started it when I did because my costumes were so tight when I first tried them on, but have started to loosen up.

Well I think I will go run lines again before the kids wake up... This is my life these days. What will I do with myself once this show is over.... I know, laundry! lol

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