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Originally Posted by Trip View Post
Ok, I have to ask.....who is going to be the hand police, and just how would this be implemented?

Once something happens in the cruise world, any new issue, automatically gets linked to the last issue, with no direct corrolation at all, but, just to sensationalize and grab headlines.
Trip, I agree I am pushing the envelope but something has to be done.

On my last cruise, there was an outbreak of NV and I was chattiing to a crewmember on possible causes etc and they claimed that some of the personal hygiene habits of some of the guests leave a lot to be desired.

We have all seen people leave restrooms w/o washing their hands.

We all know this - Henry,Felix, MercedMike amongst others have all commented.

To me this is a bigger issue than Concordia and no I am not being sensationalist. Concordia, hopefully, will be a one-off but I have not been cruising as long as you but this issue is like a perennial weed - you have to dig it up.

I know what I am proposing is extreme but it would only take one cruiseline to make an example of one or two people and the message would be home.

Look at HAL and the Muster Drill - everyone is talking about it.

I am all for personal freedom but with that comes the price of personal responsibility.

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