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Default Don't work for steiner ,please,people

Hello , everybody , I just finished my first and last contract with Steiner , and I want to say to everybody who is looking for information - don't do this mistake . If you want to make money - this is not the way ,first you go to the academy ,you pay your flight , then you pay your transport from YMCA to the academy ,your medical , visa , special shoes ,uniforms ,hair accessories ,maritime fee and then you learn some stupid massage sequences that doesnt make a difference for nothing,in the end of the story you are in with more than 2000 euro ,I am luckily from Europe,but there were people from New Zealand with more expensive flights. And then you can not choose your ships , you can get the most miserable Costa , or Ibero , and there is nothing you can do . Then you go to your ship and you see that there are no guests for massage , but there are 5,6 or 7 massage therapists hired" by Steiner ,but as we have no salary , Steiner doesnot care , they have massage beds so they want to have also massage therapists . WE get commission 7,25 % and tips from the cruise line - 10 %(after taxes -8%) for Ibero and Costa -the most miserable , other cruise lines give more with the same price of the massage , which is strange .You cant change your company on the second contract ,only on the third ,but no thanks , working hours are not very well fixed , the contract says about it but I thought that this is in case we are busy , but no ,even if you are not busy ,you do inventory until late and you cant take back your hours in the next day although there is nobody for massage , you need to find the guest and push them for a massage of 99 euro mimimum in case that they paid for all the cruise 400 euro , because Costa cruises start from this price . The prices on all the ships are the same for massage doesnt matter the destination . We really have no rights ,, the company doesnt have obligations , we have maaaaaaany obligations , you cannot imagine , I chose this company because I know it for many years and I needed a secure company , but Steiner is a nightmare , they dont care about the staff , my first week I got 38 euro from the cruise line , the Steiner commission you get after 6 weeks , but actually you pay to them , because about 3 massages per week you do without commission ,and I was lucky with good managers , although the company is pressing them and they cant change much.So After 9 months I worked a lot ( if not massages - also promotions and reception duties), I saw nice places that I wanted to see , and came home with very little money , pain in the back , pain in the shoulder , very nervous and stressed and I want to find revenge at least writing here . DONT WORK FOR STEINER AND FOR COSTA Crociere !!!!
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