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Originally Posted by dkjretired View Post
Celebrity has a brunch usually 1 day during every cruise, very much like the old fancy midnight buffets. This is open to everyone not just CC members...
We were talking about HAL and their past guest perks. I was referring to HAL-that on HAL we were invited to a brunch. This the OP's first Celebrity cruise but he has cruised HAL several times. I have only done 2 Celebrity cruises so far-this summer will be my third. As far as Celebrity, I do not remember being invited to anything special on our second cruise, but we did get a coupon booklet for being repeat cruisers. Since it was a 12 day cruise, we used that stuff the laundry bag for $20 coupon. That was great for underwear, tees and PJ's. We still had a couple of things cleaned and pressed, but that really kept the laundry bill down.
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