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I'm back home now. I cleared the hospital in less time than anyone can remember. Just goes to show that if you're nice to people they repay you in kind and this was a huge hospital.

I made it iin time to my sister's Memorial Service with fifteen minutes to spare.....enough for a quick cigarette....the first in four days.

The service was appropriate and loving and I'm sure Sandy is pleased. The turn out was far larger than I ever expected.

I'll tell you right now Henry, I don't know what they'll allow but there will be a number of welcome signs from your truly. Thank you so much for your cardd.

I did notice on my way home that Jeff had restricted my liquid intake to 1 1/2 liters per day. When his PA Julie called me with my latest reports of my blood work (all good), I told her to ask Jeff what, with 1 1/2 liters of liquid per day, I was to mix my bourbon with? His reply was to to drink it straight. How can you help but love the guy?

Yet again, he saved my ass and people wonder why I treat him as a son. He would come into my room in his scrubs and collapse in my lounger. I told the nurses the room was off limits as far as he was concerned. The guy is working himself to death and I said it was past time he got a partner. He's going to do that but his standards are so high it won't be quick. He's considered one of the best in the area and won't lower his standards for anyone or anything. I told him it doesn't make a difference, he's the best and his number one job is to to "keep his adopted Father alive." He told me not to worry, "You'll kill yourself soon enough, but I'll prevent it as long as I can!"

I grew up around physicians and he is beyond doubt the best I've ever met. The fact I've been accorded membership in his family is unbelieveable. I am ineed one very lucky individual.

What all this amounts to is that you carefully choose your physician and treat him/her like gold. It definitely pays dividens. The loveI I receive from his family is just as important than the medical treatment to which I'm afforded.

Life is good.....VERY GOOD!

As the old song goes, "Try a little kindness." It works wonders!

That is why I always say (AND ALWAYS MEAN) I love all of my beloved cruisemates!
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