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My husband and I attended a 45 minute presentation from Smart Travel Incentives Inc. after that we had a representative trying to sell us a 10k package to a club that offers discount vacation packages(That you could book yourself online for the same price minus the thousands you would pay them) then he switched places with another person that said he was busy, then they switched back, then they switched to a woman who was pissed when we still wouldn't buy their bs package. We then received our certificates for the free cruise and the free airfare for two. I filled out the forms sent them in the mail with a payment of $99 for cruise and $75 for the airfare and sent them out in the mail. Just got the check and the form returned to us with void stamped across the form. The letter said we didn't follow the protocol and send it certified mail so it was void. They received everything had it in their hands and sent it back to us. Can anyone say scam? Don't bother going to this thing the company had a C rating with the bbb because they are scam artists. But on the positive side I have gotten my $99 back so far.
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