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Originally Posted by aerospace View Post
I would say skip the buffets but apparently the staff don't wash either. When I worked at subway we washed our hands after every sub or when we changed stations(meat to veggie), my hands actually got so raw after awhile it's one of the reasons I left...but it's part of the job.
Just like with your Subway no two cruise lines or cruise employees are the same.

I will not eat at Subway because of two "unsanitary" things I saw. The first was a girl who rubbed her hair with her hands and then proceeded to continue to make a sandwich. Second and the one that stopped me from going, was when the woman sneezed into her hand, wiped it on her apron, and continued to make a sandwich. I called her on it and walked out.

It only takes one passenger or employee to mess up and multiple people are sick.

I do agree with Trip. I find it disgusting when people don't wash their hands after using the restroom but who is going to be the hand police? I would have no problem with having a bathroom attendant on duty in public bathrooms but their are a few hundred, to a thousand plus, cabins and I don't think they will be putting someone in each one to make sure you wash your hands.

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