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Default Pay for specialty?

Hello to all my fellow cruise lovers.

The question to book a specialty restaurant and pay an extra surcharge has been a difficult decision for my wife and I.

We do understand that a smaller venue such as a specialty restaurant can increase the quality of the food and service considering how few people can book it per night. But the real question is should the cruise line increase the price of the cruise to keep the quality of the food and service at a high level of quality?

I for one am not pleased that I have to pay extra to get the quality of food that should be included in the price of the cruise. Consider many years back when the first thing people thought of when a cruise was mentioned was how wonderful the food was. Nowadays lots of cruise lines lower their quality of food for cost savings.

One of the main reason I have cruised with Celebrity was the fact that the food level was at a rather high level of quality, compared to other cruise lines I have sailed with, it was sort of comparing Wendys to a sit down restarant.

We understand that if the cruise line increased the price of the cruise then it is proberly the same as if you paid for the specialty restaurant. The only difference is that all passengers pay the higher rate wheather you want to eat a higher quality of food or not.

I believe the way to go is to raise the cruise price and get served a higher level of food and service. By charging a surcharge it just makes the whole situation feel like they are nickle and diming you.

I guess when push comes to shove my wife and I would pay for a couple of evenings in a specialty restaurant. But in the end it just does'nt feel right. I don't think we should have to make a reservation to get a higher level of quality since we think it should be standard on Celebrity...

What do my fellow cruisers and fans of Celebrity think
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