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Originally Posted by Surfguyxxx1 View Post
Alright, I can't believe I am telling you all about this but on my next cruise, I booked a speciality restaurant every night. Why; I love the attention I/we get in this smaller venue. I like the quieter atmosphere, the detail to finer service, the "clear" distinction of the wait staff, the offerings on the menu. I am not and never have and never will be a "stand up and whirl your napkin above your head kinda guy".

I am not rich by any means, but I like to be pampered and if it costs me a few extra dollars, I think I work hard enough to deserve it! I actually have more of a problem with scheduling a 50 minute massage, having to wait for her to come back into my room, getting 35 minutes of actual massage and 15 minutes of trying to sell me potions and lotions.
Yep...enjoy & indulge!! Never had a massage but I see what you mean.
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