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Surfguy: Nothin wrong with that. Enjoy.

My wife and I usually book at least one specialty restaurant over the course of the trip on most lines. On NCL we book about 3/4 of our dinners at the additional charge venues.

On Celebrity it isn't what it once was. I remember when my wife and I sailed on the Millennium. We had dinner in the Olympic restaurant and it was one of the BEST dinners, food and service wise, we have ever had.

Sadly, it isn't quite the same as then. The "Butterfly Service" is gone and the food, while good, isn't the level it was then. This is based on dining in the S.S. United States and two times in Murano's on Century. My last dinner in Muranos, in May 2011, was good but reminded me of what was "normal" in the MDR six or seven years earlier.

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