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So I had to add to this thread just to make sure that everyone understood the presentation in DC I attended. I knew that if it smells like a scam, sounds like a scam, it's a scam. Curiosity got the best of me and I had to wait for traffic to die down so I listened to the 90 min presentation (which became 2 hours as they tried to cajole me into buying).

It started with the 9k plus one time fee. Then went into "Hot Weeks" with even lower deals. Then I said no it's too high. They came down to 5k no annual fee. I said I needed references (which they had in a Word format - all positive). So I pulled out my Droid and started searching the company "Gold Crown Resort" in conjunction with "Virgin Marketing Group". The sales reps tried their best to take my attention away from my search on my phone as they rotated one by one at my table trying to talk to me and distract me.

I plainly told them I don't spend that amount of cash without references and my own research. They then dropped the fee down to 1k no annual fees but no guarantee of dates with vacation in the "trial" version.

I said no and that their time had exceeded from 90 mins to two hours. They said fine and gave me their "free" gift. When I had to sign for it the language ended with "In accepting this promotional gift, you release Virgin Marketing Group, and Gold Crown Resort from any responsibility with respect to the processing of said gift."


I got the postcard with the very obvious RCCL ship on it and the logo grayed out. It says "after activation, you will receive your docs in 15 days. If not, email -". Flip it over and it states there is a 49.00 activation fee and then you have to send in 98.00 made payable to Wonderland Incentives, P.O. Box 2265, Woodbridge, VA 22195. There is also a disclaimer that there will be more fees based on destination.

Um no.

Last but not least - the final line says, "Wonderland Incentives and its vendor partners accept no responsibility for any verbal or written representations made in conjunction with this offer by any distributor or agent other than those included in this offer. This offer is void where prohibited.

It's going in the trash. No money spent. Just time wasted that needed to be wasted to wait on traffic out of DC. I am still amused how they tried to "keep me company" as I searched on my phone. I ignored them as I searched. Said no and nicely left.

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