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Obviously there's no way to force people to wash their hands other than education & for older people that's something that should have been done 50 or 60 years ago. They're not going to change their way of life at this point just because of someone else's opinion of what is proper.
The sanitizer is just about worthless to kill the virus. Use it if you like to make yourself feel protected but it's well documented that it does no good against Novo.

The ships policy of filling out the health forms is another joke. No one in their right mind would ever admit to not felling well & jeopardize boarding the ship. If they had a policy of refunding you fare if you actually became sick after boarding & the form was filled out that you weren't felling well, then people might just take it seriously but until then I'm always going to feel OK.
Thing about how much money it would save the cruise lines if they did change their boarding policy.
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