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Thank you for the update....

I am very glad to hear you did not fall for this. Unfortunately we have had people tell us they have fallen for it.

I have made it a rule that I will never buy anything where I am told I have to do it right now or I lose the opportunity. Anytime someone says that it only means they are trying to sell me something they do not want me to research.

But this is truly one of the worst scams, and as I have said before as far as I can tell the cruise lines can't do anything to stop them. The companies apparently spend a tiny amount of money to keep a few cruise reservations ready so they can claim they do have cruises available - but you will never get them without paying one fee after another.

We had one guy here who went as far as he could stand to go - for our benefit, and he payed up to almost $400 per person for a 1 week cruise, and he still did not get the cruise. He had to pay additional fees three of four times.

Finally he just disappeared. I think he realized he was getting nowhere, and although he was doing it for our benefit it was costing him money.
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