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Hi Matey,

I think you are misunderstanding me.
What I meant was that I would rather see a cruise line increase their price of the cruise then to see the food and service decline. If a few more dollars are tacked on to a cruise to keep the standards of food and service high then I am all for it.

Lets face it who really would want to go on a Celebrity cruise if the food declined in quality. I do not think anybody here would want Royal Carribean's food on a Celebrity ship. And if it means to keep the standard up in food and service that cruise fares need to be adjusted then so be it.

Which brings me to the point of this thread. Why should people have to pay a surcharge to get food and service that once was in the MDR ? Even though a higher cruise price is the same as if someone paid extra to go to a specialty restaurant it just seems that the cruise line is nickle and diming you. I say raise the cruise price and lets get back to a high quality of food and service throughout the ship without having to pay a surcharge to a specialty restaurant.
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