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Originally Posted by felix_the_cat View Post
I understand the Crown has turned around and will be returning to FLL arriving on the morning of the 9th. Apparently there are so many crew members ill coupled with the number of passengers, it is not safe to continue the cruise.

I would think the islands don't want these people bringing noro on their island either.

I also understand Princess will be refunding all cruises fares.

I have found there are so many people who do not wash their hands it's actually mind boggling.

With Princess having so many b2b I would say there are some who get off but get right back on with the bug. Also, people do not want to lose their cruise/money by admitting they aren't feeling well when they board the ship so they just share.............

Princess/CCL Corp is being hit again. This event has been on CTV - Toronto. When they reported the noro event they immediately stated Princess is part of Carnival Corp and the Concordia.

A very bad year for cruising indeed.
yesterdays news reported another Princess ship (the second within a week) is returning early as well due to Noro on board with hundreds 3of sick passensders and crew,

ready to go, - anytime....


Thanking all of you terrific potential cruise mates for your interest in my upcoming Celebrity Solstice Transatlantic sailing and other future cabin-share sailings.

I am now all set, looking forward to enjoy a well priced starboard balcony in hopefully fair weathers and have no new plans until November 2012 at the earliest.

Until then, wishing all of u fair winds and smooth sailings.
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